Love God, love each other and love people ... bringing the promises of God into the raising of children.

Baptism is a sacrament, or external sign, of God's promise of forgiveness and new life. In a service where we use water as the symbol, parents and godparents who profess faith in Jesus Christ make promises that they will bring up a child in the Christian faith and we, as a congregation, commit to praying for, and encouraging the individual as they grow up as a member of Ardess Parish. The child is also signed with the cross, the symbol of Jesus' saving work on our behalf to restore us to relationship with God.

Another command from the Bible is that we should “believe and be baptised”.  If you have never been baptised and wish to be baptised as an adult, we would be delighted to facilitate this.

To arrange a child's baptism/thanksgiving service - please fill in the attached form and return.