Mothers' Day Church Service - Sun, 11th Mar '18

On Sunday, 11th March 2018, we paused to remember and acknowledge the role of our Mothers and what they mean to us.  Mothers Day is not always a positive thing for us and it can stir up many different emotions, but it is good in the midst of all the emotions to bring them all before God and allow him to heal the hurts and encourage us in other ways. 


Ash Wednesday Church Service - Wed, 14th Feb '18

On Wednesday, 14th February 2018 weathered in the church hall for a special service to mark the beginning of Lent.  The challenge for lent is not to make it into a time of giving up but rather a time of taking up.  As all our lives are already very busy, this of course means that we have to give up something to take up spending more time with God.  At the end of the day, or more profoundly at the end of our life, the only thing that carries any relevance with God is our relationship with Him.  

Mothers' Union - Thurs, 15th Feb '18


On 15th February, Canon Henry & Helen Blair talked about the privilege of going to Canada on Sabbatical last May to July. They told us about the various churches and people they met right across the country and showed plenty of photos. 

Friends in the Afternoon - Tues, 27th Feb '18

On 27th February, Maurice Lee MBE gave us a great detailed run-down of getting the invitation to go to Buckingham Palace along for his MBE along with his wife, Louie and their family.  He showed photographs and short videos of the event including the garden party and the formalities around receiving the medal.  He brought his medal and certificate for us all to see. Congratulations to Maurice.


Friends in the Afternoon - 13th Feb '18

On 13th February, Helen Houston joined us and she spoke on how pearls can be precious to us but more importantly everything else is worthless in comparison to finding Jesus and entering into His kingdom - Matthew 13v45/46. She shared references in the Bible to the word ‘precious’ ie Christ’s blood 1Peter 1v19, Jesus Himself 1Peter 2v7, the promises of God 2Peter1v4 and we are precious in God’s sight Isaiah 43v4.  We had a good turnout and enjoyed a lovely tea afterwards.